Should I take my dog to watch fireworks?

Never take your dog to watch fireworks with you under any circumstances, this could cause your dog to become gun shy. 

Where will my dog stay while at Pointblank?

We offer a variety of choices, we have spacious indoor/outdoor dog runs for dogs accustomed to kennels.

We also open our home to dogs in for training. If your dog is a puppy or never been away from home before or has special needs, being in a kennel environment may be too much for your dog. Your dog may therefore stay in our home. Never take your dog to a shooting range, this

Nuper quisque evolvit praebebat turba hunc viseret foret vultus.

All dogs are exercised daily and trained. The duration and frequency of training is determined by your dogs ability to concentrate and its level of co-operation, as well as its physical and mental maturity and fitness level.

All dogs are crated at night time.

Do you train me when I come to get my dog?

Yes, I will spend the time necessary to demonstrate what your dog has accomplished and how to maintain this and the steps necessary for any improvement. 

Duration; How long for an inexperienced young fresh dog approx.?

5-6 weeks.

How long should my dog stay?

For E-collar conditioning, 2-3 weeks. 

Some dogs stay for stay for 5 days, some for 2 weeks, others for 6-8 weeks.

The question is what do you want me to accomplish and how long that will realistically take with your particular dog. I can give you a better, more informed answer after I have worked with your dog for a week.

Some people send their dog in for training for 2 weeks in the spring, 2 weeks in the summer, and then for a week or two before hunting season. 

Many people send a dog in for training then send them  back for a fun short refresher session each year, often while they are away on holiday. 

At what age should my dog start training?

8 week old puppies are like little sponges, they can learn so much but you must make sure that you do not frighten them, so keep them at home until they have had their 2nd booster shot then take them on short excursions to safe happy places. Do start early obedience training using positive praise and food motivation to teach your pup sit, come, and stay.

Begin fun short little retrieve play sessions using a small soft object inside a confined space with no distractions. i.e. a hallway.

When your pup is fully vaccinated (approx. 5-6 months of age) we can begin formal bird and gun work in short fun sessions. We can teach your dog to use his/her nose to find, locate point or flush live birds and we can begin gun conditioning using a small 22 blank pistol.

We can also begin teaching your dog to heel, sit or whoa (depending on its breed). We can also begin whistle training. 

After we have trained your dog we offer continued support through e-mail and/or telephone. 

Please note a trained dog only remains so through practice and continued experience. 

Booking your Dog/Training Reservations

Lead times for booking your dog in for training and options;

During our peak months, May through September. Generally you should e-mail or call approx. 2 months in advance of when you would like us to train/ work with your dog. 

i.e. If you wish us to train your dog in May please contact in March and we will gladly reserve a place for your dog. 

Do I have to pay in advance when I make my reservation?

No, but if you need to or wish to cancel your reservation E-mail or call us as soon as possible.